Send todos as easy as text messages directly to the right person for the job.

First Step towards a new way to communicate

About Adjenda

Adjenda lets you send todos like messages. We call it a todo messenger and it is as easy to use as any other text messenger.

Instead of sending a text, you send a todo form with all relevant todo information (What to do, When, Where and Who wants the todo to be done).

Todo List

Todos from your inbox move automatically into the integrated todo list and calendar (if you want to do them). You can also add your own todos to the list like in any other todo app.

Prioritize Todo (Coming Soon)

Adjenda prioritizes todos that are in your inbox with its artificial intelligence, based on your relationship to the sender. Thus you know which todo is important for YOU, not for the sender.

Todo Limits (Coming Soon)

You do not want anybody to tell you what to do, right? Adjenda takes care of it and automatically restricts your inbox, so that nobody you do not wish to can send you a todo.

Features (Coming Soon)


We do not believe in a todo as a static item in your favourite todo app. A todo message should be as much a part of our digital communication as a text message.

We send todos every day in the form of a text.

Sending a todo via text Messenger | E-Mail is in the past. We take the next step and make the todo itself into a message.


Why deal with an overflowing inbox and zero restriction? Going throught spam messages and newsletters for the real E-Mail? Avoid writing detailed instructions, and then take the todo away from E-Mail and bring it into the todo messenger where it belongs.

Text Messenger

We send small todos to our friends, partners, and colleagues on a daily basis. By not importing these todos into your favourite todo app, they disappear in the never-ending chat history.

You need no longer see a todo as a static item.

A todo is already a part of our daily communication. Why should we have to shape it in text form? It leads to misunderstandings and gets lost in the chaos of thousands of different todo apps.

Todo as Text

When we send a text todo, we can choose the words, language and style. Still, the recipient has to dig into the text to find the key information.

Todo Apps

What todo apps offer nowadays is overwhelming. We end up all having different todo apps, that can't work with each other. So, it is not possible to send a todo to a person with a different todo app. We are left with using text communication.

One Standard = Adjenda

Bringing the world of different todo apps and age-old text communication together onto one platform - Adjenda.

The Standard of Todo Message

Adjenda sets the standard of what a todo message should look like. We will all finally read the same: only the relevant information of every todo message in one shape, instead of reading large amounts of text to find out what we actually have to do.

The Standard for the Todo List

Todo Messaging and Todo Management should not be two different things. We combine communication and todos management in one platform with our Adjenda todo list, which is both prioritised and restricted. A smart todo list.

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Adjenda Plan



  • Todo Messenger
Adjenda Plus (Coming Soon)

$ 9,99 /month

  • Todo Messenger
  • Setting Todo Time
  • Setting Todo Place
  • Attaching Files
  • 2GB Free File Storage (Attachement)
Adjenda Professional (Coming Soon)

$ 19,99 /month

  • Todo Messenger
  • Setting Todo Time
  • Setting Todo Place
  • Attaching Files
  • Unlimited File Storage (Attachement)
  • Prioritizing Todo Algorithm
  • Restrictable Todo Inbox (Time, Contacts etc.)


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  • Is Adjenda available for downloading?
    Yes. Adjenda is available for IOS and Android. Links are available below:

  • Is Adjenda available for Desktop Computer?
    Unfortinetly not. We plan to bring Adjenda as soon as possible on your Desktop.
  • Can we give feedback to the current version?
    Yes of course! As product developer, we rely on your feedback to improve. Please send us an Email or contact us on Facebook Messenger (Contact Section below).
  • Is Adjenda free?
    Yes. Adjenda is available for download and use absolutely free. We will however publish in-app purchases in the future. These will include additional features.
  • Does Adjenda has any advertisment?
    No. We are not fond of advertisement in our app.

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